Someone has accused you of one or more truly awful, terrible things, the most hated kind of crime that there is. Even some of your loved ones and friends may look at you with suspicion and disapproval. You are faced with prison and the loss of your reputation. You can find a lawyer who is sensitive to the abusive nature of the charges themselves about a person, who knows how to cope with prosecutors and jurors and judges skipping over proof in cases where the allegations themselves are stomach-churning, one who is absolutely dedicated to the proposition that the most unpopular defendants deserve the very best defense. Hire a sex offense fighter.

I am attorney Bob Mabry. Over the past 29 years, I have successfully handled hundreds of cases related to sex crimes charges. Let my knowledge and experience get you a quality outcome out of this situation.

My law office is in Conroe, and the courts in Conroe and Houston are where I do trials.

We Defend Cases To Keep You Free

The government can get many things wrong in a sex case. Even if you think that things might be bad for you, there are many reasons to hire a case-trying sex-crimes lawyer.

  • Witnesses may have been influenced by other people. They may have other biases in other ways.
  • Physical evidence may be contaminated. Evidence in your favor may have been destroyed or ignored.
  • The government may try to keep you from confronting your accuser. Even though it is your right.
  • A jury trial does not help you if the jury does not make its decisions based on the trial evidence. It does not help you the jury is unfairly biased against you before the trial begins.

I am one of the most experienced sex-crimes lawyers in Montgomery or Harris county. I used to be the senior public defender in charge of keeping people from being civilly committed after their prison sentences were over as sexually violent predators. Some of my clients have had their cases dismissed before trial.

I help clients suspected of sex crimes by:

  • Counseling you before and while you are accused to set up the best possible outcome for you.
  • Correcting or objecting to the government's evidence collection, charging, and trial process
  • Jury Selection
  • Preparing evidence, testimony, cross-examination, and argument for trial and presenting them.
  • Preparing trial argument

As your attorney, I am dedicated to bringing the protections of law to unpopular defendants.

Consulting With Me About Sex Charges Is Free. Do It Before You Discuss Anything About a Sex Case With Law Enforcement

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