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Challenge Your Criminal Conviction With The Help Of A Dedicated Appellate Lawyer

The criminal justice system is not perfect. Legal professionals and courts sometimes get things wrong, negatively impacting defendants in criminal trials. Thankfully, the criminal appeals process provides a remedy – a chance to fix the errors that may have led to an unjust outcome.

My name is Bob Mabry, an attorney who has been advocating for the rights of the accused for more than 30 years. My work as a criminal defense attorney includes representing clients in appellate court. I am honored to regularly receive referrals from other attorneys who know and trust my appellate success record. However, I am also glad to be contacted directly by clients without a referral. If you have questions about your appellate options, I encourage you to contact Bob Mabry Attorney at Law PLLC to discuss them with me during an initial consultation.

Not All Cases Can Be Appealed – Here’s What It Takes

If any defendant could appeal a ruling they didn’t agree with, the court system would grind to a halt. Appeals must be sought and approved, and they are not do-over trials. Instead, an appeal must be requested on the grounds that there were one or more legal mistakes that likely impacted the outcome of the case.

Here are arguments that could result in the granting of an appeal:

  • Certain evidence was improperly included or improperly excluded from the trial
  • There was juror misconduct that likely influenced the verdict
  • The judge made an error in interpreting or applying the law
  • The original lawyer representing the defendant was ineffective and performed so poorly as to deprive them of a fair trial
  • Substantial prosecutorial misconduct

When considering whether to grant an appeal, the appellate court must look at information from the original trial and supporting documentation from the appellate attorney. In light of this, it is critical to work with an experienced and effective appellate attorney who can present compelling arguments both on paper and in the courtroom.

Which Court Has Jurisdiction For Your Appeal?

I am able to represent clients in criminal appellate matters in county, state and federal courts, including the following:

  • Beaumont Court of Appeals
  • Texas Court of Criminal Appeals
  • Federal 5th Circuit Court of Appeals
  • Local federal courts in the Southern District of Texas
  • The United States Supreme Court

If your criminal appeal is set to go before one of these courts, chances are good that I can help you.

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