The court made a mistake, and, as a result, the case didn't go your way. You may be facing damage to your finances, your reputation, and your life. Do not assume that you have run out of options. Secure the committed legal counsel of an experienced appellate lawyer.

I am attorney Bob Mabry. Over the past 29 years, I have successfully handled hundreds of civil and criminal appeals throughout Texas. Let my experience work toward getting the right outcome for you. My law office is in Conroe, and I handle appeals throughout Texas.  I am also admitted to handle appeals before the United States Supreme Court.

We Appeal Cases To Protect Your Rights

The court system does not always get it right the first time. There are many reasons to appeal a civil or criminal verdict:

  • Evidence was gathered improperly
  • The court made an error, such as issuing wrong instructions to jury
  • The judge misapplied state or federal law
  • The damages awarded in a civil case are unreasonable

I am one of the most experienced appeals lawyers in the Montgomery and Harris county areas. I have filed appeals from district or county courts to Texas's courts of appeals and the Texas Supreme Court. I can also provide appellate counsel at trials for other lawyers, to help preserve the trial record and identify mistakes that may be a basis for an appeal if the trial verdict is not favorable. My appellate services include:

  • Reviewing your court record for judicial errors
  • Filing appeals
  • Preparing written briefs, writ applications and petitions
  • Arguing before the Texas and federal courts of appeals.

As your attorney, I will work tirelessly to help you obtain the outcome you deserve.

Discuss The Appeals Process In A Free Consultation

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